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After joining the "military", Simmons was quite hateful towards his teammates at first, except Sarge, which causes Grif to call him a "kiss-ass".As the series progressed, however, Simmons began to treat his fellow teammates, and sometimes the Blues, with the greatest concern, respect, and compassion than most others; like friends or even family members.Later, he and Grif come to save Donut with the Warthog and pin Church and Tucker behind a rock.They then leave the jeep to find another way to get them, but are attacked by Caboose and Sheila and are forced to retreat back to their base.But the Florida judge just lowered the legal boom on Lopez in his ruling -- claiming the court CAUGHT HER in several lies ...proving it's impossible to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She lied about facts important to the defense, and she demonstrated an utter disrespect for the system of justice," the judge stated.Captain Richard "Dick" Simmons is a main character in Red vs. He is usually the level-headed, straight man of the Red Team, although he is also a compulsive sycophant towards Sarge, despite the latter's delusional leadership.

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When Tex attacks Red base, Simmons faints but later wakes up.The judge says there's also proof she lied about her legal history with NBA star Kenyon Martin ...who had accused her of stealing his credit card and running up charges. Vanessa's lawyers completely deserted her almost immediately following her deposition earlier this year ... Lopez's lawsuit was dismissed on the basis of fraud on the court -- with prejudice, meaning she can't refile.He appears as a main character in most seasons, with the exception of Season 9.During his youth, Simmons was a stereotypical nerd as he is now, but his father abused him for these traits, making Simmons lack a proper father figure.

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