Updating bios asus ez flash

USB Flash Thumb Drive – formatted in Fat32 or Fat 16 (NTFS formatting will not work)How to format flash thumb drive: insert drive into pc, go to “My Computer”, right click on usb flash drive and choose “FORMAT”, choose FAT or FAT32, UNCHECK “Quick Format”, click Start.

Thumb drive should now be blank formatted in FAT or FAT32.

Win 10 is the only OS on this PC, and I have allready screwed 1 mobo with the "Flashback" function and an USB-pen (Think it was a defect USBpen).

I guess I'll have to wait for Windows 10 to become final, before flashing my BIOS?

I went from the very first bios version 0402 to the latest (as of 4-2-13) 1604 (Careful this is Windows 7 64 Bit Page above)I was reluctant to flash & update the bios.

I have repaired computers for a long time, but bios flashing can be dangerous as to basically killing the motherboard.

build 9926 works ok but if i try to access bios nothing happens , i don't get (bsod) but nothing happens, i have access bios in the past before, i was going to experiment when i notice that no matter what i try system does not respond if i tap on... As soon as the desktop starts to load, there is a flashing back and forth with the BSOD. When cold booting my Acer the Acer splash screen has lost the "Press F2 for setup" option.

I've have an 8 year old Dell XPS 410 that has had a number of upgrades, to include a new video card and solid state drive. The flashing to the BSOD occurs before any of the icons can load.

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Best to use a PS2 type keyboard during bios update.DO NOT flash the bios while running overclock settings.Boot into Bios and press F5 or “Load Default”, save, exit bios and make sure your at stock default settings.UEFI bios will not recognize thumb drive in NTFS format.Also make sure the thumb drive has only ONE partition.

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