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What follows presents the textual basis for the discussions of the papers in this volume. XXI, it contains numerous fragments of what was once a professionally produced, critical edition of book 4 of Sappho’s poetry in one edition circulating in the Roman period, as can be seen from the colophon (in fr.It has the same basic form and function as David Sider’s edition of Simonides’ elegiac fragments 1–22 W (Sider 2001). Hunt during their excavations there in 1898–1907, and is now in the Papyrology Rooms of the Sackler Library, University of Oxford. 44) containing the fragmentary remains of Sappho’s name and the title of the collection ().καὶ γάρ π̣[ο]τ̣α̣ Τίθωνον ἔφαντο βροδόπαχυν Αὔων10 ἔρωι φ̣ ̣ ̣α̣θ̣ε̣ιϲαν βάμεν’ εἰϲ ἔϲχατα γᾶϲ φέροιϲα[ν, ἔοντα̣ [κ]ά̣λ̣ο̣ν καὶ νέον, ἀλλ’ αὖτον ὔμωϲ ἔμαρψε χρόνωι π̣ό̣λ̣ι̣ο̣ν̣ γῆραϲ, ἔχ̣[ο]ν̣τ̣’ ἀθανάταν ἄκοιτιν. ⊗ 3 ἔμοι δ’ ἄπαλον πρίν] West ἔμοι Snell: κέκαρφ’ Gronewald-Daniel δ’ Di Benedetto: μὲν Snell ἄπαλον Gronewald-Daniel πρίν Di Benedetto: μοι Gronewald-Daniel π̣οτ̣’ [ἔ]ο̣ντα Gronewald-Daniel 4 ἐπέλλαβε, (perhaps too short) or κατέϲκεθε, λεῦκαι δ’ West: διώλεϲε Di Benedetto: ὄγμοιϲ(ιν) or ὄγμοι δ’ ἔνι Gronewald-Daniel λεῦκαι Hunt δ’ Lobel: τ’ Hunt ἐγ]ένοντο Hunt ἐκ Π not preserved here): φ̣ ̣ ̣α̣θ̣ειϲαν West: δ̣έ̣π̣α̣ϲ̣ εἰϲάμ- Gronewald-Daniel: λ̣α̣[λ]ά̣γ̣ειϲαμ Janko βάμεν’ articulation West: εἰϲαμβάμεν’ Gronewald-Daniel, although εἰϲομβάμεν’ would be required in the Aeolic dialect φέροιϲα[ν Stiebitz on Π“(several words missing) the violet-rich Muses’ fine gifts, children, (several words missing) the clear-voiced song-loving lyre: (several words missing) skin once was soft is withered now, (several words missing) hair has turned white which once was black, my heart has been weighed down, my knees, which once were swift to dance like young fawns, fail me.

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But where the left margin does not survive to determine the placement of a (as at the end of the “Tithonus Poem” in the Oxford manuscript), we cannot be certain that in this case the ancient reader was warned of a division between poems here, especially when (as in the case of the Oxford and Cologne manuscripts at precisely this point) different sets of verses follow.

58: Cologne supplies the earlier portion of the lines (not preserved in the other papyrus), Oxford supplies the ends of the lines, while the two manuscripts overlap for a thin strip of several centimeters in the middle.

A new set of verses, referred to below as the “New Fragment,” however, appears before the verses about Tithonus in the Cologne manuscript, entirely different from those in the Oxford one (termed below “Success Poem”) and that stand here in modern editions of Sappho.

58, together with the line-beginnings of the meager fr. in 2004; subsequently, in the same year, an additional fragment (inv.

21376) was identified and placed in the ensemble of fragments, the remains of a papyrus roll containing poems by Sappho and at least one other poet, copied by two different hands in the early part (first quarter or a little later) of the third century BC.

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