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Freshwater Pond Management Florida has more than 7,700 named lakes over 20 acres and countless ponds from 1-20 acres.Many of those smaller ponds are on private property.One census found 3,467 species of algae, plants, and animals associated with coral reefs.Protection and wise use of Florida's coral reef habitat is our primary concern.The state of Florida includes an incredible variety of habitats, including the tropical coral reefs of the Florida Keys, the unique Everglades, temperate hardwood forests, majestic rivers that meander for hundreds of miles, awe-inspiring springs, and nearly 8,000 lakes.These highly productive ecosystems support fishing and hunting, nature viewing, and other recreational and commercial activities.We love working with non-profits, this fantastic fundraiser for Kitchen Table Advisors brought together local entrepreneurs, farmers, chefs and foodies, all in the support of local sustainable produce.It's often the little details that tell each couple's story.

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Coral Reefs Coral reefs can be described as the rain forests of the sea.We pride ourselves in knowing each of our couples deeply, which allows us to thoughtfully tell their own love story through the details of their wedding day.One Big Fish offers full wedding weekend planning from rehearsal dinner, wedding day to Sunday brunch. Let us take the stress out of your wedding planning.Seagrass research helps supply resource managers with the data necessary to make effective decisions about the preservation, management, and restoration of these communities.Wetlands Managing wetland habitat is critical to providing the greatest quantity and highest quality of habitat possible to support Florida's waterfowl and other wetland-dependent wildlife.

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