Methods of dating ancient artifacts

“A lot of the stuff is not is [sic] particularly beautiful,” Dee said.“It ends up in crates in storage, but a lot of that is gold dust for radiocarbon dating.” Dee’s team chose bits of hair and bone as well as plant-based materials like seeds from granaries, reeds from baskets,8 and linen.Archaeologists have depended mostly on fragmentary historical records and pottery types. Classification schemes are subjective, and variations among dig sites may not reflect progress through time.

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No result for the Pre-Dynastic periods older than 6500 BC or more recent than 2000 BC was included.

The human race has existed for at least one hundred thousand years, and perhaps even longer.

However, writing was only invented in 5000 BCE, and even then, few people were literate and archival methods were very poor.

Ignoring Egypt’s unifier Menes (aka Narmer, possibly), Aha—the first “official” pharaoh—acceded to the throne, the investigators concluded, around 3100 BC.

This date is more recent than those assigned in traditional timelines of ancient Egypt but pretty much in line with the average dates obtained by more recent secular Egyptologists.

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