Dating skits

It sets up a sermon on doing what we do "heartily, as unto the Lord," without compromising the ethics of the Christian life.The Second Shepherd's Play is the story of four shepherds who find that their comrade, Mak, is a sheep thief. This Christian play explains the reasons behind God's mandate for sexual abstinence until marriage, and celebrates God's forgiveness of those who repent and turn away from sexual sin.

These four "Collected Skits" are on the theme of fruitful Christian living: stewardship, holiness, love, and hope.Their job is to be the only person to speak throughout the skit and tell everyone else what to do.This is a youth ministry skit that really has no major theme and can be used just for fun.It is an excellent introduction for a message on stewardship and the rewards for using our gifts to their potential, or the punishment for squandering them.This "Fractured Parable" is a humorous depiction of Jesus' challenge to "build" our lives on the "rock" of God's Word.

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