Access sql server not updating tables

If the update isn't happening, make sure that the join is actually selecting a record.

Pseudo code; set rs Local = db.openrecordset( "select [ID and List of fields to update] from TEMPSessions Entry") do until set rs Linked = db.openrecordset("select [ID and List of fields to update] from LSSessions where id = " & ) rslinked! Thankfully it was just one field that was being conflicted - one that contained time only.Now that you are no longer doing that, it is not a surprise that the process is much faster.Moving the "temp" table to the server would have eliminated the code you didn't want to write.Event Start Time = [TEMPSessions Entry].[Event Start Time], LSSessions. Credit Value = [TEMPSessions Entry].[Credit Value]," s SQL = s SQL & " LSSessions.Event End Time = [TEMPSessions Entry].[Event End Time], LSSessions. Local To = [TEMPSessions Entry].[Local To], LSSessions.

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