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Since 1969, Krueger’s Supply has provided the highest possible service in the material handling industry.

From new or used pallet racks to industrial shelving, lockers, or carts, we have you covered.

Parents waited nearby, hoping to hear their sons' and daughters' names.

The Plaza Towers primary school with children sheltering inside was razed.

Additionally, scrap pallets, commonly known as pallet “cores” in the recycling business, can be found in a great variety of places where pallets are emptied, or where they are disposed.If you are looking for a modest supply of pallets on a steady basis, an important rule of thump is to "think small." Larger sources of pallets are more likely to be sought by pallet recycling companies or pallet collectors working on their behalf, and often they are being purchased.Also, major businesses that generate pallets in such quantities are less likely to have the flexibility to work with a collector looking for only a few pallets.Families anxiously waited at nearby churches to hear if their loved ones were A man with a megaphone stood Monday evening near St.Andrews United Methodist Church and called out the names of surviving children.

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