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Consider these facts: women today constitute about half of the world’s population, but perform two-thirds or 66 percent of the world’s work, and produce 50 percent of the food, while earning only 10 percent of the income, and owning less than 1 percent of the world? These are worrying statistics that starkly highlight what are both a great social injustice and an equally great deterrent for economic growth and for societal progress.Common sense dictates that empowering women, or about half of the total population of a country, can only lead to greater productivity, and hence to a better quality of life for society as a whole.The training and development will be delivered through a specially compiled programme covering key topics for nascent business managers, including Business Planning & Goal-setting, Budgeting & Financial Planning, Addressing Environmental Challenges, Marketing Techniques, and Business Innovation (i.e.Product, Manufacturing, Marketing, Supply Chain and Management Innovation).A recent research undertaken by Kashf Foundation has revealed that over 85 percent female participants have been able to increase monthly incomes, on average Rs 1,000.00 per month.Various other independent studies have revealed that financially independent women tend to spend more of their earnings on their children’s education and on family healthcare for example, thus directly contributing to wider socio-economic growth and development.However this simple logic apparently escapes planners and decision-makers, especially in developing countries, which continue to exhibit a stubborn adherence to a conservative thought-process that regards women effectively as second-class citizens.

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Into middle restrictions arrange a meeting and speak to place your healthcare professional.The task is Gargantuan given ages-old beliefs and practices.But a solid start has been made and the initial results are quite promising.The on-going Coca-Cola and Kashf collaboration has become a hallmark in terms of providing continuing support to women entrepreneurs from low-income households.Through Coca-Cola’s support, Kashf has been able to provide microfinance loans to over 1,150 women entrepreneurs for business expansion.

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