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When she was fifteen, she left the troupe and landed a spot with a local foursome called FLA but did not remain long before heading to Los Angeles, California.

On the Fox News Channel late night show Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld (June 26, 2007), Ford said she had a 4.25 GPA when she left high school at the end of her junior year to start her professional career, but that she had to obtain a GED rather than graduate.

On July 17, 2001, Ford released her debut album Willa Was Here, containing the single "I Wanna Be Bad." The album used pop/R&B grooves, dance beats and vocoders.Her movie impulse played the role of Claire Dennison in 2008. The all-time leading US points scorer in NHL history is apparently less charming without a day job, as just a year has gone by since Modano retired from the game.She has also admitted to cheating her way through school and owes much of her educational success to her fellow classmates for helping her with her school work until she later dropped out at the end of her junior year to pursue her singing career.In 1999, Ford, performing under the stage name Mandah, signed with MCA, which released her song "Lullaby" on the double platinum soundtrack Pokemon: The First Movie.

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