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There are strong biological and also some social influences determining homosexuality.

The genes on the Y chromosome cause testes to develop, which secrete the hormone testosterone and suppress female development.I have set out to look at the important biological evidence we may have been ignoring. All men in the world today are essentially biologically modified women, because we all start our embryonic lives as females (that is why, for example, men still have breasts, even though they serve no function).The biological differences that can be found between the bodies and brains of males and females are largely due to the way these embryos develop in the womb.Cameron also recounts how Simon Baron-Cohen, professor of developmental psychopathology at Cambridge University, set aside his book The Essential Difference for several years because “the topic was just too politically sensitive”.In recent years the politically correct argument has emphasised social causes to such an extent that it has sometimes virtually ignored our genetic inheritance and the role of genes.

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