Vegan dating a meat eater

Today we’re gonna get down and dirty and dig into the big diets: Keto. They count calories and allow themselves to eat “health food” like low-fat ice cream and low-fat chips and just two Oreos. Most people can only stick with a diet for a few weeks before they’re so miserable that they can’t wait to go back to how they were eating before.And for some people looking to get to bodybuilder levels of bodyfat, this level of perfection is required.However, for the rest of us, working regular jobs, with kids, and lives, this shit is wayyyyy too much.Let’s say you normally ate an 800 calorie breakfast, 800 calorie lunch, and 800 calorie dinner.

I don’t actually think of the diets above as “diets,” but rather as a Mental Model for how to understand and navigate the food choices we make every day.

I don’t care if a caveman once ate wheat 30,000 years ago—this is what people rage about on the internet because they need to be angry at something and it’s fun to point out holes in a dogmatic popular approach to nutrition. Because of “reality” and “human behavior.” I like the Paleo Diet, just like I like the Keto Diet. I even like the vegetarian diet or vegan diet for the right people (with some caveats, which I’ll explain below).

It’s called “getting undumber when new information comes to light.” But that’s irrelevant here. Because it literally DOESN’T MATTER what a caveman actually ate!

For starters, when it comes to health and fitness, flip-flopping is a good thing.

These people are so nutritionally deficient—eating calorie-heavy, unfulfilling foods—that they struggle to stay under their allotment of calories for they day. To make matters worse, even if they’re counting calories, they’re probably misreporting their food and overeating without realizing it.

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