Updating album artwork on ipod touch

Delete the Cache folder and reopen i Tunes to regenerate the cache.If that doesn't work, run "%appdata%\Apple Computer" and delete the i Tunes folder.

updating album artwork on ipod touch-28

I bought a new i Pod Touch 2nd gen today, and my album art is showing up in i Tunes but not on my i Pod...To easily find and add missing i Tunes album covers to your songs, you will soon be able to use a third-party software, which is designed to get your missing i Tunes album artwork completely automatically.You want to get the full version of this app for free?To fix many albums at once, delete the i Tunes art cache.Quit the program, press "Windows-R" and run "%userprofile%\Music\i Tunes\Album Artwork" to open the art directory.

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