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Trump was right when he mentioned way back in March/2016 that perhaps we should revisit the 1st Amendment. The 1st Amendment allow for Sean Hannity to continually spew his garbage.I don't think it's something our American forefathers considered.I’ve KNOWN for a year and a half that we were hacked. And I’m positive that they did NOT bump up Trump’s votes (or if they did, it was minimal).No, they flipped votes to Stein or Bernie to better hide their tracks. I can only fantasize about what Mueller and his team know, it is undoubtedly EPIC.So if a Democrat is given a 10 minute forum, than a Republican must be given the same.I don't think it covers network anchors out-and-out lying to it's viewers to purposely mislead and misinform.No shit r14, but even if you remove that possibility/LIKELYHOOD that both Stein and Bernie have Russian ties, when Russia hacked our votes, they didn’t flip a huge number of votes to Trump. Americans need to be clear on this distinction.[quote]Mueller himself is under investigation for his role in uranium 1, an investigation (among others) that will send Obama, the Clintons and everyone connected to them to jail.The MSM is lying to you about Trump/Russia collusion.

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R37, what the Fairness Doctrine would have covered is not allowing Sinclair Media, as a corporate body, to have all of their anchors read that partisan political statement on air across the country without giving equal time for a rebuttal.Thanks to whoever put this together in the last thread.Keeping it here so we have a quick reference when this one near maxes out.------------------------------------- Previous thread titles: First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation (10/27/17)First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation, Part Two (10/28/17)The Four Treasons: Mueller Investigation, Part 3 (10/31/17)A Man For All Treasons: Mueller Investigation, Part 4 (11/5/17)It's Beginning to Look a lot like Treason!These are the people who insisted that the reason that Obama went to Chicago for jury duty was that he was being fitted with his own ankle tracker. And yes, this same group of people absolutely believes that Uranium One is going to bring down both Obama and Clinton, despite the fact that no uranium left the United States and that there was absolutely nothing untoward going on there. I caught 5 minutes of Hannity last night and Uranium One was the top story. R28, 30 years ago or so, I used to feel like at least everyone was looking at the same set of facts.They really do inhabit a different reality, a reality that no light can penetrate. Along with Sean Hannity's assurance, "A story you will only see here! We might draw different conclusions from those facts or we might have different policy prescriptions but we were reasonably well grounded in the same reality. When I go look at Breitbart or Free Republic or Hot Air or the Gateway Pundit, I don't see any reality that I recognize.

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