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It comes over time as students engage in active thinking and doing, not endless worksheets and timed tests.

Classroom instruction and materials, however, often don’t feel aligned with these realities. Every year, beloved teacher and author Debbie Miller commits to trying something new.

This information packed guide provides an important look at reading, writing, talking, and word study, while succinctly describing research-based instructional practices for high-impact literacy teaching.

This first-of-its-kind, practical, spiral-bound tool for... more What does it mean to be an effective literacy coach?

She asks a “beautiful question” that pushes her to see new possibilities and put children at the center of her teaching. Play and language are critical learning tools for the prekindergarten child.

Through play and language, they learn about their world and about themselves.

Each chapter tells the true story of a child or teacher facing a dilemma, weaving in research from psychological science to show how looking at children through a developmental lens can change what happens in the classroom and transform the craft of teaching.

In 2016, the dermatology community mourned the loss of Tanny Nadon.

The CSPA Board agreed to name this grant in Tanny’s honour.

Talking to students about their work, while they work, is a powerful way of supporting learning.

We often engage in these conversations with our readers and writers, and these interactions are just as needed in mathematics. more “I don’t know.” Is there a more frustrating answer when we ask students what they think about the texts they’re reading?

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