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Not only that, he was pretty much a popular kid at school. The two of them were at each other's house all through elementary school. "I need to talk to you in private," Todd said to Steve while looking at Alan.

They grew up with playing video games, or in the yard, and even trips to the park with each other's family. Steve reassured him, "it's okay," as he nodded toward Alan.

If you and dad are looking at cam sites, it's because you're missing something in the bedroom, or you want to enhance it. You and dad have been together for so long and this will be something exciting. "I don't approve of this, but you're an adult now, and I have to respect your wishes since you're at least exercising safety." "One last thing." "Yes? "Since I'm here, do you think I can grab more of dad's experimental drugs? Next came the final part of her show, which she was now extremely eager to get to. Normally, this voyeuristic act of exposing herself to several hundred people pushed her to cum within a few minutes.

"I can't believe we're talking about this." "It's a recommendation. " "Deal." "And please, I beg you, don't get caught. Above all else, don't do anything crazy that would potentially put you in harm's way." Tiffany rubbed her mom's shoulder. Believe me, I'm extremely careful and my safety is the highest priority." "Smart girl," Melinda replied, breathing a small sigh of relief. The deviant thought made her smile, though no one watching the cam could see that. Making herself cum was easy, slowly pouring more of her own milk on her pussy, while furiously rubbing her clit. All while her eyes were glued to the chat log, hoping and praying that her parents stayed. Reaching climax was so much easier this time compared to the usual sessions.

He was about to push his wife away, when suddenly she sucked and stroked furiously, making him cum. As expected, there were plenty of accolades and extra tips from her adoring fans, who sent messages on her webcam account, as well as a gmail account she set up for this. I would never ever betray dad like that, if that's what this is about." "Tiff, I'm not suggesting that your father's research was stolen," Melinda said. The one which induces breast milk, sitting in your father's home office. " When Tiffany was completely flabbergasted, Melinda immediately knew it was true.

Bill gave up the fight and just enjoyed it, but at least he was able to peel his eyes away from the screen. " Melinda asked when the job was finished and she slurped everything up.

" "We use the same account." "Who's normally in charge? "It was your father's turn to browse, and he showed me afterwards, but much too late." "What does that mean...." Tiffany stopped dead in her tracks. As she milked her pert breasts into a glass cup, she noticed something in her chat listing which instantly grabbed her attention and caused her adrenaline to rush. A part of her was worried that the audience would be mad for the shorter show.

Thanks to a refill of her father's experimental medication, she had more than enough milk to entertain her loyal audience. Maybe they were just laying in bed together, side by side, holding hands, watching their daughter perform naked on webcam. After she came, she just laid back on her bed, enjoying the intense feeling.

Tiffany smiled to herself, wondering what they were thinking. " "Basically." Even in this post-orgasmic state, that admission was still enough to make Tiffany's pussy twitch. They had an account, so they sometimes liked to chat with the performers and often tipped generously. With her head propped back against the pillow, she laid the laptop on her stomach and watched a live webcam performance of a couple from France engaging in oral sex. To his knowledge, there weren't a lot of adult performers in this area. And it also helped her explore her sexuality in ways she never thought possible, which as a young woman, was very important to her. "It's the only time I've ever asked you to come home so abruptly." Tiffany sighed. The last time I was here, I did look through dad's things. All of this happened while Bill was between her legs eating her pussy. They switched places and he searched for something he'd like, while Melinda got to work sucking his cock. Bill just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of his wife sucking while he enjoyed the live show on the laptop For the next few minutes, he carefully observed the cam model nursing from her own breasts, shooting milk into a cup, then pouring it on her breasts and pussy. Tiffany dried her wet nipples along with the fluids between her thighs. But that's because he loves showing me and I love learning. Did you happen to browse or inspect any of your father's material? I'll pay for gas and I'll be sure to cook all your favorites." "Sure thing," Tiffany answered. We can talk privately while your father is at work. "Instead of confronting me, join me." "You are officially insane. " "Mom, when it comes down to it, we both enjoy porn. She wiped her hands on the towel and reached for her phone. But that changed a minute later when her mom called. " "I only have classes in the morning, so I'm free in the afternoon and night." "Do you think you can make the two-hour drive and come home? We thought it was best if I was the one that confronted you." Tiffany gave a sly smile. "When you and dad watched me, what were you two doing? I refuse to dignify that with an answer." "I thought we were having an honest conversation? Tiffany laid in bed for a moment, still naked with her mind and body reeling.

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