Stories christians dating non christians

If God means for you to date a specific person who is not currently a Christian, He will work on that man or woman’s heart until they are ready to surrender to Him.The important thing to remember is this: You cannot change a man’s heart to open up to God, but God can.The Bible does say one shouldn’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers …This isn’t to say there aren’t success stories of believers falling in love with and marrying unbelievers who have subsequently given their lives to God.We may see people saved in the short run, but there are certainly other ways that can happen that don’t blur the distinction between the church and the world. It’s true that things always go better when pastors explain the qualifications for serving in different roles. ) and the church being made up of those who have repented of their sins and trusted in Christ for salvation. Christians are those who have been reconciled, redeemed, restored, and made right with the Father.But it seems that the emphasis in Scripture is always on leaders and Christians being examples (Heb. In our sincere desire for the church to be a community where non-Christians feel welcome and see the gospel in action we can blur the distinction between those who are owned by Christ and those who aren’t, between those who have trusted in Christ and those who haven’t, between those who live for the kingdom of light and those who live for the kingdom of darkness. We gather as his people to celebrate and remember the grace we’ve received in Christ.In talking about the church Acts -14 says, “None of the rest dared join them, but the people held them in high esteem.

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But is this really an option for Christian singles?

I’ve known non-Christians who have been converted as a result of playing for a church.

But in the above paragraph I was mostly thinking of situations where churches are more concerned about the sound of the music than the nature of the church. The key issue for me is who is gathering on Sunday morning.

Here are a couple of things to bear in mind when considering dating outside of Christian circles: A non-believer will not be able to meet you at your spiritual level, in fact they may not even acknowledge that there is a spiritual level to be met.

If you are a woman of God, this makes it especially difficult as the man is normally the head of the home, spiritually, and you will have to take over this role indefinitely unless your partner turns to God.

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