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In fact, consumerisation of technology provides the IT department with a golden opportunity to win friends and influence people by allowing them to use their own devices at work and unblocking access to social media sites, where appropriate.

"IT can seem to drag behind a little, but we have evidence of IT and marketing now working together," Ross says.

But in other organisations, maintaining high security cannot be the only reason for IT and marketing collaborating.

Consolidation, rationalisation and making sure there is a single version of the truth are key drivers for IT and marketing to work together.

"If the culture does not fit, you have to win the trust of the executives.

Make sure people are aware of your accountability and what you can add to the equation.

In his article, he stated: "CMOs [chief marketing officers] realise that technology is a key enabler for any effective marketing programme, but easy access to technologies that do not require IT support perpetuates poor communication and the stereotype of the dysfunctional IT/marketing relationship.

But she says IT is increasingly working more closely with marketing and breaking down silos due to the rise of multiple customer channels, with "departments coming together to conquer the world of consumerisation"."When I became IT director for a part of BAE Systems, I worked to build bridges between IT and marketing," he says.Grundy had previously worked in start-ups where it was necessary to get technology up and running quickly, such as putting a web server online, but IT was slowing the business down.It surely must benefit both departments to ensure that a key customer database is not sitting in the cloud or on a server under someone's desk, but is held in a scalable datacentre where it is backed up and adheres to IT security best practices and regulations.IT needs to evolve, to separate long-term infrastructure projects such as a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which pays back over multiple years, from quick and dirty applications that cater for a near-term objective. So the IT department needs to recognise that not every application needs to be defined, specified and over-engineered to integrate seamlessly and scale in a corporate IT system.

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