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Like chinese water torture - minor in the short term, corrosive over time. Staying connected through lifes ups and downs is critical. Things as simple as saying, i love you, before going to bed, holding hands during a movie, doing small favors here and there, helping with some household chores.

Illyrian cultural traits were adopted by the south slavs, as evidenced in certain customs and traditions, placenames, etc. It is now generally agreed that the people who speed dating over 40 los angeles in the balkans after the slavic invasions were probably for the most part the same as those who had lived there earlier, although the creation of new political groups and arrival of small numbers of immigrants caused people to look at themselves as distinct from their neighbours, including the speed dating over 40 los angeles. The early slavs raided the western balkans, including bosnia, in the th and early th century amid the migration period and were composed of small tribal units drawn from a single slavic confederation known to the byzantines as the sclaveni whilst the related antes, roughly speaking, colonized the eastern portions of the balkans.

Tribes recorded by the ethnonyms of serb and croat are described as a second, latter, migration of different people during the second quarter of the th century who do not seem to have been particularly numerous; these early serb and croat tribes, whose exact identity is subject to scholarly debate, came to predominate over the slavs in the neighbouring regions.

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