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The downtown of Napoleon stretches one block — one hardware store, one restaurant, one three-lane grocery store, one drugstore, and one bank.Except for the grain elevator and water tower, no building in town reaches over two stories tall.You can also regret an unfortunate happenstance, a bad stroke of luck, or disappointing turn of events.You can even have regret for a situation that arises purely as a consequence of your own behavior.It’s all to easy to say you’re sorry and that you “take responsibility” for your actions but all too difficult to actually accept the need for change and then to display how seriously you’ve taken responsibility by working like the dickens to make necessary changes.This story is set on the speck of a map, a town haphazardly dripped onto the prairie, smack dab in the middle of the continent.

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And because the concepts of shame, guilt, regret, remorse, and contrition have been the subject of great debate within the professional community of late and also because they have such importance to matters of character, even though these terms are not strictly psychological in nature, and even though I’ve written some on the topics before, I thought a renewed discussion of the topics to be not only timely but also of great potential benefit to the discussion to come.And the contrite person recognizes and accepts the work it might take to rebuild a sense of self they can live with.You know contrition is genuine by the actions a person takes.It’s because of their lack of remorse that they don’t re-assess their general approach to things and seriously consider modifying their style (I have a lot more to say about this both in ).Guilt is feeling bad about something you’ve done, whereas shame is feeling bad about who you are.

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