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This magazine will give you material for new ideas and arm you with a bunch of facts that will make you feel smarter at parties.

How could you not with articles like “15 Words You Didn’t Realize Were Named After People” and “How Much Paper Would It Take to Print the Internet? You might not be building your own drone anytime soon, but if your well of inspiration has been drying up lately, pick up an issue of Make: and pay attention to the design-centric focus.

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We would like to offer motivated interns the chance to start a career with us – either as an apprentice/student, a trainee or a 'young professional'.

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· ronan farrow’s back with another explosive piece for the new yorker.

For freelance writers who are working on editorial projects or branded content, then a magazine may be the best bet.

In bite-sized chunks, you can get inspired by others’ writing, stoke the fires of creativity, and discover tips for running your business.

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