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His handsome good looks were only enhanced by an unmistakable screen presence in such films as “Giant” and “A Rebel Without a Cause”. Photographer: Publicity shot for Schlitz Playhouse of Stars.

Princess Diana married Prince Charles and found herself divorced from him just a few years afterwards due to his persistent philandering with his current wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.

He founded the French Fifth Republic in 1958 and served as its first President for 10 years. Photographer: Office of War Information, Overseas Picture Division.

The subject was Sharbat Gula and a retrospective on her life done by National Geographic can be found here. Antoinette was famous for her excess in a time of extreme economic hardship for her country. Artist: Joseph Ducreux Jeanne d’Arc, her name in the original French, was responsible for both repelling English invaders from her homeland and assisting Charles VII in succeeding to the throne of France. The only known portrait that she sat for was destroyed, so all we have are renditions. Another Leibovitz triumph, this photo illustrates exactly what the Tour De France champion’s muscles are doing when he is at work. Castro has been alternately reviled and praised for measures that he took with the country as dictator. This powerful actor not only helped to found United Artists, but set the stage for what most of us consider “comedy” to be today. Photographer: Studio Photographer, Chaplin as “The Tramp”.The artist’s famous mustache is captured perfectly in this 1942 photo. This self-portrait of the famous artist and inventor was composed in red chalk. Years later, Darwin is still celebrated in the scientific and broader community as a visionary that held out against religious interests in order to advance the cause of science. Artist: John Collier Davis played tirelessly from his teenage years right on up until his death in 1991.He received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 1991.Today we bring you a great collection of portraits of the most iconic people throughout history.Portraits explore the relationship between the subject and the photographer or artist and usually continue to impress the viewer years after they have been created.

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