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It's been a few years since I've talked with Jeff Probst either before a “Survivor” season or before a finale and I'd forgotten that I probably needed to request three or four hours as an interview time.Jeff Probst is in his 28th season of hosting “Survivor” and he still loves talking about the game, talking about his favorite players and the constant surprise that each season brings.

I don”t get when somebody says they don”t like Tony.You may not agree with his take on things — I tend to root more for the underdogs, while Probst's love and admiration for certain Alpha Dog contestants is famous/notorious — but you can't doubt his passion, even if it's for something like this season's all-power Tyler Perry Idol, which has been the source of ample grumbling on my weekly recaps.Tony, the finder of the Tyler Perry Idol, is a Jeff Probst kinda “Survivor” player, while death-cheating Spencer is the guy I tend to root for, but in this interview, we amply discuss what makes good “Survivor” drama.We just wanted them looking for this elusive thing. I don”t remember the exact details, but he found it very fast.And I, as a player looking from the outside in, would say, “Like it or not he deserved it.” And the idea to lie with it is pretty freaking brilliant because none of us, none of the producers, saw that happening. And when one of the producers came back and said, “Tony”s gonna lie.” I went, “Oh my God.

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