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Often the greater the damage to a floor, the greater the probability that it has been down for a very long time.

Throughout the 20th century, many beautiful timbers were pulled up casually and carelessly to make way for central heating systems.

Often this will have occurred following the introduction of central heating.

Where historic fabric is concerned, it is always best to avoid altering it, and there will be cases where a floor is too precious and the gaps too small to justify any alteration.

Floors have been crudely carved up to make way for modern services, while expenditure on maintenance and repair has been governed by the rise and fall of personal fortunes.

The other option is to lift and re-lay all the boards and fill the remaining gap at the side of the room with a replica board in matching antique timber.Much like a piece of antique furniture, once wooden floors reach a certain age they all have an inherent beauty and value that merits investing the time and effort it takes to revive them.A floor that has passed the age of 100 years is certainly worth saving, whatever the wood.On building projects it is common to find timber floors which have been ignored because they are considered to be beyond restoration.With sympathetic treatment, however, almost all historic timbers can be restored beautifully to become the foundation of an authentic building restoration.

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