Is davey havok dating anyone

"It's an aesthetic that's always appealed to me," he says.

"I think I look better in make-up than without make-up. "Most of the criticism that you receive and the taunting and the name-calling is just from the worst people ever, so to even try to put any value to their opinion is just pointless. " He's able to ignore the homophobic taunts, but Havok tires of other rumours.

The band's fan club, the Despair Faction, is said to number more than 20,000, and Havoc still tries to meet fans after shows.

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Havok: It has not affected me personally in any way so far…And how would you say your own personal perspective or philosophy of “straight edge” has changed or evolved over the past 20 plus years?Havok: As far as my philosophy goes, my beliefs, and my involvement in it, my dedication to it has really only strengthened as life has gone on.' And I'm like, 'Oh, yeah,' and she goes, 'OK, when I'm 18, can we date?' "I was like, 'OK, great, see you in a few years.' " Havok started AFI (A Fire Inside) as a hardcore band in California in 1991 with drummer Adam Carson.

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