Is bridgette still dating hugh hefner

Because he went through girls like crazy, and coming from an outsider's perspective, you see the girls living at the mansion and they all seemed so happy.

Nobody ever admitted to having sex with him or talked about the bad side or anything like that.

So I think there were some girls that definitely freaked out and had gotten in over their heads and just ran the other way and never came back. Well, nobody was really allowed to go out and have their own life.I'm really hoping people can learn from my experience because obviously what I went through was kind of an anomaly because of how famous he is and the world he lives in.But there are so many women out there going through worse than I did.No, I never did because when I was there, I genuinely liked him, and I fell for his gentlemanly act.I wanted to think of myself as somebody who had his best interests in my mind at all times, and I wanted to be the only girlfriend.

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