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The Office of Highway Safety consists of two teams: the records team and the programs team.

The records team is responsible for maintaining, updating, and ensuring the quality of the statewide motor vehicle crash database.

Most people believe that the worst thing that can happen if they speed or fail to obey traffic signals is that they will get a ticket, so it’s an acceptable risk. Maybe even dead wrong, because aggressive driving can kill.

Aggressive driving contributed to 222 deaths on Idaho roads from 2012 to 2014, and another 1,913 people were seriously injured in aggressive-driver involved crashes.

As stewards, we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

The continuation and expansion of state and local partnerships is essential to our success.

The Rapid Alert System enables quick exchange of information between 31 European countries and the European Commission about dangerous non-food products posing a risk to health and safety of consumers.

Our Responsibilities The primary responsibilities of the Office of Highway Safety are housing and maintaining the Statewide Collision Database, analyzing and disseminating collision statistics, and administering the federal section 402 highway safety funds.

We are committed to our critical role within the State of Idaho, and the rest of the nation, to ensure safe travel on Idaho’s roadways.We are a leader in a coordinated statewide effort to eliminate death and serious injury on all of Idaho’s roadways. High-risk drivers climb into the anonymity of an automobile and take out their frustrations on anybody at any time.For them, frustration levels are high, and level of concern for fellow motorists is low.The components used in the typical car seat deteriorate and weaken over time.Car seats have an expiration date stamped on the back of the seat; the expiration date is typically six years from the seat’s manufacture date. The above information provided courtesy of consumer reports – Consumer Reports is published by Consumers Union.

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