Horse people dating service

I love my food, all food even if it isn't good for me, however i have a personal nutritionist that controls my diet and keeps my weight under control.

I do have a thang for older, strong, wise ladies that are interdependent and have strength of character.

I would be looking for a very smart cob type, not too young with plenty of money in the bank and not a sex pest...thank you. I dont go to work anymore, enjoy living the life of Riley and eating grass.

I'd like to meet a lass as enjoyed a bit of biting and boxing, and liked going out for meals, I don't like the fancy food, a kebab or a bit of silage will do me nice.I like farming too, I like machinery and I like moving beasts.If ye have a nice tractor (over 100hp for choice) send me a photo. I jump lovely, but I would do that, knowing me grand-da.i came up with Strawberry, 9 YO male, pink fur 15.3 Hairy Hipster.About me- I enjoy long lazy days in the field, I like my own company and have many companions non of which i find partially interesting.

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