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On occasion, I have had to use 1 Ghost Usher, but that is quite rare to have happen. Going into the battle with around 80k HP tops, it’s almost guaranteed that you will use a Senzu Bean or two.

During the third round, with my preferred team composition, my AGL units take 10k tops damage per normal ATK from LR Frieza.

Then you have to get the appropriate medals to Dokkan awaken that character.

This step gets repeated a few times, so pay attention.

From my experience, LR Frieza will launch a super attack every other turn.

With three attacks per turn, and a super attack every other turn, expect to be able to tank without healing for two turns.

Green orbs are pretty easy to stack for when LR Goku’s turn comes up.

All three rounds are against an extreme STR Frieza.

Rounds 1 and 2 are only 1 bar of health, and round 3 is three HP bars.

For a more complete list, check out the Dokkan Battle Wikia page listing freely obtainable units.

The great thing about LR Frieza and Summit of the Universe is that there is an abundance of AGL characters available to use.

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