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t=653246 It seemed to be the best of a bad bunch of binary newsreaders, but at least it fetched headers and had a clean interface. I tried Ubuntu about ten days ago and fell in love with it. Cheers Hey Gui Guy I managed to get Klibido working with Stunnel with this thread: My head starts to spin when I'm confronted with lines and lines of settings to sort out, Inevitable it never works for fools like me the firts time so then I need to spend hours trying to sort it.

It's not Newsleecher, but it's the best I've tried so far. I want to move away from the Dark Side and use Ubuntu only, yet the ONE thing that is stopping me making the switch is a decent binary newsreader that downloads not just NZB files, but actually fetches headers, too. Easier to install a windows app in Virtualbox ;) BTW, I am having with PAN may be something else. PAN; Almost immediately it starts thrashing the hard disk ( I haven't a clue what it's doing, but suspect it's indexing headers (? I've learnt to leave a shell open so I can kill PAN when it goes stupid. Last weekend I had to transfer a lot of files between e SATA and SATA devices on my ubuntu box. thanks for the links : PI'm proud to say I went Cold Turkey over to Ubuntu in 2006 when Vista was imminent.

Nice to see a Linux binary client that supports SSL encrytion with out all the hassle of setting up Stunnel. tlcstat The linux apps don't have a scheduler and as such are useless. Of course if you have more than 4GB then you need to be running 64-bit Ubuntu.

Then on Klibido (or whatever reader) your server address is your own pc, ie "" or "localhost" and port is 119. Cheers well in most areas i am able to find a linux program that can replace a windows program, but this case i was not able to find anything that could match newsbin pro.

Put in the username and password as normal for your provider. it's the only windows program i run on my computer. I had it running under Wine before, it runs fine except for the initial license entry (when you enter your key and hit submit, the program freezes).

I look forward to your PAN thread - I'm still undecided on PAN and Klibido, although I think Klibido looks better and is easier to use.never heard of those before. And there are no automated housekeeping functions built in, AFAICS, to speed things up again. Using a client in Windows instead for newsgroup browsing. Seriously Linux is totally inept with the oldest form of Internet communication the usenet since the late 60's [sad] the original internet, remember Kermit?

However, if you take the time to delete old messages, ie RIGHT BUTTON CLICK ON NEWSGROUP DELETE SELECTED GROUPS' ARTICLES Performance returns to something resembling normality. My other criticism of Pan is that it doesn't do SSL. I responded to this old post to make a point, it's nothing new linux usenet usage has gone to the sharts.

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