Dating going slow

Having too many choices can wind up sabotaging our relationship prospects It's unclear exactly what precipitated this shift.

But it's possible that daters and app-developers alike have begun to observe the effects of what social scientists call "choice overload" or the "paradox of choice." The more options you have, research suggests, the less likely you are to make any decision at all.

Also, you ask her what she's doing, which makes you sound controlling, which you go on to kinda confirm: This comes off as: you decided for her that she should spend time with you rather than reading her book. I'm not surprised by her reaction, as I immediately ditch anyone who displays a tendency to think they're entitled to make decisions for me.

There are much better ways to say the exact same thing, even this old, very simple one: "I'm going to watch [movie title], would you like to join?

But the furthest we've gone is cuddling during a movie night at my apartment.

The thing is now, although we have a great time when we meet and write everyday, I'm kinda starting to lose interest because everything is going too damn slow.

The goal is to do so without burning bridges and preferably to get her to get in touch more often. But that she would be more open to meet more frequently to be able to build some connection (or not). You sound very much like "I don't have anything better to do, so let's see each other." This is not flattering for her, as it makes her your fallback plan for when you have nothing else to do.

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Then, you have 24 hours to decide whether you're interested.I really am not into just having sex, because (we talked about it) we both are looking for a long term relationship so I have no problem with patience, but it's going too slow, and she somehow does not want to meet more often than ~once a week and you cannot build a connection when you spend no time with each other.How could I communicate to this person that I really like her but that I am starting to lose interest because of the insanely slow pace of the relationship?Once has been available in Europe since 2015; it launched in the United States in February 2018 and now has 200,000 US users, according to Time Out New York.But Once is hardly the only app on the market that offers a more curated dating experience.

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