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It is said she wore a wreath on her head with candles to light her way because her arms were full of food and water.Word of her heroic deeds spread and did not escape the ears of informants.Many Catholics held high positions throughout the Empire.However, as the Empire reeled under the continued attacks of its many enemies, Galerius and Maximian persuaded Diocletian to attempt to reinstate the ancient pagan religion throughout the empire.

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Eutychia was in fact cured, and Lucy, availing herself of the opportunity, persuaded her mother to allow her to continue to distribute part of their riches among the poor.

Adding insult to injury, his friends and household servants taunted the young man saying that "Lucy had found a better Bridegroom than he" (meaning Jesus).

Whether motivated by pride, greed, jealousy or a combination of all three, in his anger he denounced Lucy to seized this opportunity to make Lucy an example of Romes greatness and displeasure.

It was thought that this would unify and strengthen the empire as in centuries past. D, Diocletian issued three edicts that began the last and worst of the persecutions against the Catholic Faith.

The first ordered the destruction of the churches and the burning of all Catholic writings, especially the Bible. The Roman governor, Pascasio, probably to court favor with the emperor, was determined to carry out the three decrees with the full weight of the Roman Army behind him.

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