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Two years ago I was normal, but now I am having sex problem (erection problem, impotence). I only get partially erect, and less semen comes out. You may be masturbating too much, if it begins to interfere with your daily routine, school, and other activities.It can also become a problem if it’s associated with sadness, extreme guilt, withdrawal, or other emotional and psychological problems.Whereas, boys masturbate by touching and rubbing their penis (some will touch their testicles and also their anus). Research studies have shown that both girls and guys masturbate.

to effect my future married life when i will marry ? i dont want to mastribute , i i will get marry ...hello i am 23 year old boy.

They may also believe many of the myths above and think that masturbation is bad for their health.

There are health benefits to masturbation, such as: Masturbation can sometimes irritate your genitals, but besides that, masturbation is not physically dangerous.

And I request all muslims to do dua for me and give needful suggestion.

Preparing for the Phone Date Getting in the Mood Getting out of Your Head Working with Your Partner Community Q&A Phone sex can be a fantastic way to connect with your partner, whether you're in a long distance relationship or just want to spice things up.

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