Bon iver and kathleen edwards dating

(Perhaps the king of this category is Sonny Bono, who despite being an elected congressman might as well have had "Cher's Ex-Husband" engraved on his tombstone.) Ideally, a relationship of equal partners is seen as just that — think Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino and Wavves' Nathan Williams or Arcade Fire's husband-and-wife bandleaders Win Butler and Régine Chassagne.

Sometimes a couple of differing levels of fame but who also move in different circles, like Elvis Costello and Diana Krall, can avoid being subsumed by the other.

The Ottawa-born singer-songwriter, playing Montreal’s Osheaga Festival this weekend, has been plying her musical wares since the late '90s and been an international presence since 2003 when her rootsy album won over the likes of Rolling Stone magazine, who dubbed her one of that year's 'ten artists to watch.' So it must have seemed strange — sexist, even — when several records and nearly a decade later Edwards released her strongest album yet, the recently Polaris Music Prize short-listed , only to find much of its related press coverage seemed more obsessed with her boyfriend/co-producer Justin Vernon, Bon Iver’s Grammy-winning indie-folk superstar.You put yourself out there, and it just leaves you feeling extremely vulnerable.I went through a really bad depression — from exhaustion and going through a really turbulent period in my life — and I felt like I did it all on stage, and that’s what was really horrible."I tried to fight through it and put a smile on my face, but there were times I’d want to burst into tears, and that’s a really s—ty way to feel when you’re on stage every night."I’m just not ready to get back on the horse with songwriting, because I’m still coming through a difficult time, and I don’t want to write music about it.(In fact, their divorce is also , back a long time ago," he told Q's Jian Ghomeshi. Me and [drummer] Sean [Carey] in my band listened to her records endlessly." It was his fandom that brought the two together in the first place.Having scrapped most of her early demos for being a "redundant repetitive cycle of Americana songs," she needed a fresh perspective.

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