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As it crunches the pixels—which can take upwards of fifteen minutes—the chatbot provides little nuggets of information on how you can make the most of Instagram.For example, it let us know that blue is a popular color on Instagram, due to its ability to ‘evoke feelings of serenity and calmness.’ It also informed us that ‘breakfast’ is the most popular hashtag on Instagram... Once your image analysis is complete, you'll get a notification and be shown a video that breaks down multiple components of your photos, scoring each section along the way.Didn't realise Tomorrows World was still going.The only thing I can remember from that show is "You can throw a CD across the room and it will still work", Didn't say that if you get one little scratch on it you'll start to think your an Aussie. You don't need access to your Instagram account to analyze a photo.After an overview of the myth of possession by nymphs, the author discusses certain illustrious figures of western culture of the 19th and 20th century possessed by a nymph: Aby Warburg, Martin Heidegger, Carl Gustav Jung, Henrik Ibsen and Emil Cioran.

Once it’s been uploaded, the Tomorrow’s World chatbot will take roughly five to ten minutes to analyze the image, taking into account the colors, composition, and even landmarks that may be in the image.

Do you ever wonder just how 'Instagram-worthy' your latest photo is? The team at BBC Tomorrow’s World have built a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to tell you just how much potential your photo has in terms of attracting likes and comments.

The free Messenger is available for Facebook Messenger and ties directly into your Instagram account.

If it would analyze the photo, it could do so regardless of any social media app. It's gaining access to how your followers react to your photo.

What they do is analyze how your followers react to it. The more people sign up, the more data they can gather.

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