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For career statistics, all-time leaders are marked with **'s and active leaders with italics.

When a stat is unavailable its season entry should be blank, rather than zero.

The 30-day injury risk is a part of the CHIPPER injury projection system.

It assesses how likely a player will miss 30 or more days due to injury.

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If we didn't do this, you would end up with some players who had 1 hit in 2 at bats during a cup of coffee as their career best batting average.

The 10-Year Forecast is a player's weighted mean PECOTA forecast, taken over his next 10 seasons.For the most common stats found in our leaderboards, we denote league leading stats with bold text.Major league leading totals are further marked with italics.The 15-day injury risk is a part of the CHIPPER injury projection system.It assesses how likely it is that a player will miss 15 or more days due to injury.

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