Anything goes chatline

She did say you need a strong stomach and the ability to not burst out laughing I would have thought though that with the internet, people would use sex chat lines less and less these days.

got through, it was a recording of woman saying "When are you gonna get off your fat, lazy arse and do some work round here" etc, etc.

But there’s really only one way to find out, right?

So consider this your formal invitation: Come party with us this Friday, and we’ll turn it from Good Friday into AWESOME Friday.

Lots of the women working there did it in secret- their husbands/partners thought they were cleaners/factory workers/whatever..were just getting xtra money for xmas/holiday etc takingiteasy - how many hours does this woman have to do to earn £200? (feel free to tell me to FO if you think I'm being too nosy).In a few more seconds, you can be enjoying , with the callers of your choice. You cannot record personal details like last names, addresses or phone numbers for broadcast to all members. Your phone number is used for this purpose only and is kept private from other callers.When sending personal, Flare messages on the chatline, anything goes! The system is designed to allow you to get to know someone WITHOUT having to share personal details. You may have been removed from the chat lines system by a Flare monitor if you sounded underage or used unacceptable content in a recording.Brilliant I thought, however she was prosecuted under Italian Trades description and given hefty fine .Hmm, is probably the least of all evils, but its still a job within the sex trade, i.e. £200 per week sounds wonderful, but not at the expense of my dignity, thanks.

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