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She watches over Darren and his life, she watches him and his crazy years with the girls only to find that her best friend Taylor is the one that ends up taking him and they marry and fall madly in love.She watches over them their whole lives and is moves in with Darren after Taylor dies at age 60 something. Score he dies he tells her that he knows she is an angel and all that.If you were granted one last chance to right your biggest wrong, would you be willing to try?Even if failure could cost you the people you love most?I whispered, "I love you Tristan, take me to Neverland." Ok, now I'm good! After Ana killed Daemon, all the vampires died and then Lea cam and stabbed Ana in the abdomin and she died in Darren's arms.

***If you purchased this book within the first few days of its release, please call 1-866-321-8851 to recieve an error-free copy free of charge.

Hearing this Ana spent her existence going from place to place and uses her powers to help the sick and heals children. I enjoyed the characters and got angry at some of them and felt my heart break for some of them.

After Darren dies Ana is sitting at a bus stop and unsure what to do next with her long and forever life. I thought that they didn't touch on the whole Daemon part and all, it frustrated me! I enjoyed it emmensly and I flew right through the book. I would have given the end to this series 5 stars if the author would have given us just *1* more page of a conclusion! You can tell that you love a series when your heartaches for the characters!

So God started the world over and Ana was sent to earth and not aloud back in Heaven.

She went through life changing faces, being different people when she wanted. Finally when Darren was born Ana used the face she had when she was Ana.

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